84 High Street North, LU6 1LH, Dunstable


Dine-In - Take Away - Delivery
Welcome to Nagomi Izakaya. Nagomi means relaxation and it also means bringing together. Our name holds a lot of meaning about our mission. We would like to evoke and enhance the lovely feelings you have when spending time with good friends and family. Izakaya style dining is similar to tapas bars, where you order a variety of delicious Japanese small dishes that can be shared at the table. We offer a wide range of alcoholic and non- alcoholic beverages including beer, sake, shochu, umeshu, Japanese sours and soft drinks. Come, let’s eat, drink and be merry
Each menu item is created with care, passion and love. Everything about this place is built on Japanese principals; friendly service, fresh food bursting with flavour, natural cooking techniques and food which is enjoyed with all five of the senses. We emphasize on using the freshest of ingredients to create artistic presentations of delicious Japanese food for you. Our selection of kushiage, kushiyaki, sushi, ramen and don have been specially prepared and cooked to perfection tantalising your taste buds with pleasant surprises and tempt you coming back for more.

Opening Hours

 5:30PM - 9:30PM
Wednesday - Thursday 
 5:30PM - 9:30PM
Friday - Saturday 
 5:30PM - 9:45PM
 1PM - 4PM, 5:30PM - 9PM